The Model 122 Kilimanjaro Cryogenic Probe Station offers the user a cryogenically robust platform for low-temperature device probing. Unlike systems whose actuators are placed at 300 K, our probe station uses translation stages that are thermally anchored at 4 K. In this way, you know that your sample won’t be at an elevated temperature due to heat leak down the manipulator arms. The 122 Probe Station can be configured to host either individual chips or whole wafers. Other options include translations up to the full diameter of the wafer, window shutters, coaxial cables and sample magnets. Call us to discuss how we can optimize the Model 122 Kilimanjaro to fit your needs.

4 K Cryogenic Probe Station



Free floating Model 122 Kilimanjaro Probe Station

Model 122 probe station with 0.4 T bias magnets.

Photograph of the probe station with the radiation radiation shields next to it.

Model 122 Kilimanjaro with attocube probes and 0.4 T in plane magnetic field bias. The cylinders on either side are the 4 K and 50 K radiation shields.

Close up of the Model 122 Kilimanjaro with a 4 T magnet and attocube probes.

The probe station can be customized for your probing and bias needs.

Top view of the probe station in an optical table.

The probe station is designed for great flexibility in interaction with the sample to be probed. The large number and locations of ports helps set you up for success.

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