State-of-the-Art Opto-Mechanics

The 5-Axis Optic Lens Mount is built using state-of-the art opto-mechanics to position a collimating lens in close proximity to a cryogenically cooled laser diode mounted in the vacuum space of a dewar. The mount seals the vacuum space with a leak-tested bellows and allows five degrees of freedom of adjustment of the lens for optimal collimation of the light source.

ADVANTAGES – The 5-Axis Mount captures all the light from the emitting diode with only a single optical element required to collimate the output beam and seal the vacuum space. Precise positioning of the lens provides maximum power of a collimated, diffraction-limited output beam, unlike the use of an off-axis parabola plus a separate window to seal the vacuum space.


Opto-Mechanics - The Common Mode Focus Adjuster

The Common Mode Focus Adjuster is an accessory to the 5-Axis Optic Lens Mount. It mounts to all three z-axis adjustment-screws simultaneously, facilitating a convenient and precise adjustment of the z-axis focus.


HPD's optical devices can provide precision positioning and adjustment
of collimating lenses and laser diodes in your photonics research.

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