High Quality Scientific Instrument Design and Fabrication

Our research instrument development is communication driven,
supported by technology...

High Precision Devices takes your concepts and specifications and turns them into finished precision instruments. Our collaborative process, combined with our technologies, means we can design and fabricate your device in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible, while maintaining high-quality and integrity in the design.

Our team is comprised of a mechanical engineering group, a full service precision manual and CNC machine shop, assembly technicians and quality control. Our engineers, instrument makers, technicians and your staff will communicate throughout the entire process. There is a constant exchange of ideas and information occurring at all levels of the design and development process.

Our Process of Research Instrument Design & Development:
The information below outlines the process we use to complete your project. The process is helical, not linear; each step in the development sequence may receive attention numerous times throughout the project. With every successive turn of the helix the project is refined until completion.

Evaluate and define the scope of your project
Bring us your concept and we’ll help refine your idea, evaluate it in light of sound engineering principles, and develop elegant design and manufacturing solutions.

Design with SolidWorks® CAD
The members of our engineering group come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Each uses his or her unique expertise to strengthen the company’s core focus on precision mechanical instrument design. Our engineers are equipped with the latest cutting-edge computers and software, providing for efficiency and fast design turnaround times.

Working in close collaboration with our instrument machine shop, our engineering staff emphasizes design for manufacturability. HPD’s engineers communicate with the HPD instrument shop using direct networking of SolidWorks® CAD files supported by minimally dimensioned drawings and face-to-face consultation.

We can export/import data to/from almost any other CAD software. HPD engineers and instrument makers are trained in the use of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and certified to the ASME Y14.5M-2009 standard.

Analyze with SolidWorks® FEA
Engineers use finite element analysis software to optimize the design for mechanical, vibrational, and thermal characteristics.

Program for machining with GibbsCAM®
Once the design is approved, we use GibbsCAM® to import the engineering SolidWorks® files, program our CNC equipment, and to run virtual machining simulations before actually cutting any material.

Machine with HAAS® CNC mills & lathes
GibbsCAM® programs are ported directly to our HAAS® CNC mills and lathes. View panel on the right for more information on our available machinery and equipment.

Inspect with Starrett® CMM and conventional metrology equipment
Once the components are built, technicians inspect them using conventional inspection tools and a state-of-the-art Starrett® Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) which compares the machined parts with the original CAD models to ensure consistent high quality.

Clean, assemble and test
Final steps such as anodizing, cleaning, assembly and testing complete the process and HPD delivers your concept in the form of a fully functioning device.

Quality Control
HPD implements a quality control system ensuring that projects are executed in an efficient and repeatable manner. Our processes are designed to be compatible with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices & QSR regulations. Additionally, our quality control system provides for continuous improvement that allows us to change our existing procedures so we can better respond to current or new circumstances. In this manner we are assured that the results of our efforts are predictable and meet your criteria.

Other Capabilities
HPD has developed strong relationships with a variety of vendors who provide services such as welding, brazing, rapid-prototyping, anodizing, and plating. We hold their work to the same standards of quality that we demand of ourselves.

HPD Concept for instrument development
HPD Print for instrument development
HPD Solid Model for instrument development
HPD's Final Assembly from instrument development

Choose HPD for your research instrument development,
taking your concepts and specifications from consideration
to finished precision product, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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