5-Axis Optic Lens Mount

The 5-Axis Optic Lens Mount is built to position and precisely adjust a collimating lens in close proximity to a laser diode mounted inside the vacuum space of a cryogenic dewar. It seals the vacuum space with a leak-tested bellows and allows five degrees of freedom of adjustment of the lens.

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QC Mini Optical Mount

The QC Mini Mount provides precision focus and alignment adjustments plus cryogenic heat sinking for superconducting Quantum Cascade (QC) laser diodes in a cryogenic vacuum environment and is ideal for use as an infrared (IR) source for experimental systems.

Learn more about the QC Mini Optical Mount.

HPD 5-Axis Optic Lens Mount
HPD QC Mini Optical Mount

When you need an ultra-precise, custom 5-Axis or
QC Mini Optical Mount, select HPD, a leader in the field.

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