ADR and DR Millikelvin Cryostats for Superconductivity Research

HPD is the world leader in Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator (ADR) cryostats, offering test platforms regulated at 100 mK. HPD also builds Dilution Refrigerator (DR) cryostats, both cryogen-free (dry) systems and liquid cryogen systems. Our cryostats employ modular design offering the maximum flexibility for service and experimental adjustment. HPD cryostats are functional and feature rich and also lend themselves to fully customized designs.

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Air Sampling Systems

The HPD line of air sampling systems offers ease of use, manual or automatic operation, rugged system design, and programmable time-interval sampling with up to twelve sample flasks. These research devices can be used to gather atmospheric samples from any geographic location: land, sea, or airborne. The compact, rugged nature of these scientific instruments makes them easy to ship and transport. The systems can be used to gather air samples to analyze for type and quantity of atmospheric greenhouse gasses and can also be used in ongoing environmental monitoring in and around potentially hazardous industrial sites such as oil and gas wells, mining operations, and refineries.

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Voltage Standard Measurement

HPD has developed cryoprobes for the NIST Josephson junction voltage standards for programmable Josephson voltage standard (PJVS) and compact Josephson voltage standard (CJVS) systems. These Helium cryoprobes have been developed in collaboration with NIST to provide an idealized platform for precision voltage standard measurement. Probes have high reliability, outstanding voltage stability, low thermal noise, and low liquid Helium consumption rates. These probes are designed to mount the standard NIST JVS and PJVS chip packages. Custom voltage cryoprobes are also available.

The Model 98113 Low-thermal Reversing Switch was designed to provide a convenient means of making voltage reversal measurements with very low thermal noise.

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Quantitative MRI Phantoms

With NIST traceable quantitative MRI phantoms radiologists can make more accurate, quantitative measurements of functional MR biomarkers. Quantitative MRI phantoms are essential for comparison of MRI data across different patients, scanners, and clinics. Our product line includes a quantitative System Phantom, a quantitative Diffusion Phantom, and a quantitative Breast Phantom to provide NIST traceable standardization for your MRI scanner.

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Kinematic Optical Mounts for Photonics Research

With years of experience in designing mounts and positioners for use in lasers and laser optics research, HPD has distilled the best of those ideas in to a series of elegantly designed and manufactured optical mounts.

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Heliodon: Architectural Sun Emulator…Design…Build…Live SOLAR

The Model 126 Heliodon accurately demonstrates the motion of the sun relative to a building for the purpose of designing solar responsive architecture. It gives architects, teachers, and building planners an extraordinarily engaging means by which to educate clients and students who have an interest in solar responsive design.

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HPD Research Cryostats
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HPD is your source for research cryostats,
kinematic optical mounting solutions, probes and sample holders
for use in low temperature science, air samplers for atmospheric
and climate research, a voltage standard measurement device,
NIST traceable quantitative MRI phantoms and the
Heliodon sun emulator for education, architecture and building design.

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