Our New Product Development Process

Our product research and development engineering team is dedicated to designing integrated assemblies, sub-assemblies and components that meet the product design and development needs of the end user while adhering to principles of elegance, simplicity, and most importantly, future manufacturability. The engineering staff’s new product development process begins with committing to a complete understanding your objectives and desired end-results.

The innovative minds at HPD will arrive at a solution that best meets the technical and functional needs of the project. However, solving the problem from a technical perspective is only the first step. Our engineering staff pays particular attention to the future manufacturability of a project and will ensure that a design meets the specific requirements for larger manufacturing runs that will occur in the future.

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New Product Engineering and Design

High Precision Devices has an engineering team dedicated to designing elegant, simple solutions to complex problems with assemblies, sub-assemblies and components that meet the precise product design and development needs of the end user. We also understand the need to be mindful of the need to consider future manufacturability requirements. Our engineering staff at HPD takes the time necessary to completely understand your objectives and desired results.

Our experienced and creative engineering staff at HPD will arrive at a solution that best meets your technical and functional needs as well as the need to manufacture your project in the future.

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New Product Design & Development: Numerical and Finite Element Analysis

Engaging in product research and development is not just about building solid models and completing CAD drawings. In-process analysis is fundamental to the new product development cycle. Understanding how components and assemblies respond to mechanical stress, vibration, changes in temperature and other factors is critical to the success of engineered products. By performing analysis during the design process there is a significant reduction in the cost and time required for the prototyping stage of development: Better, Faster, and less expensive!

HPD maintains a full complement of analysis tools, and our engineers are thoroughly trained in the use of those tools. The net result is that HPD clients can rest assured that components and assemblies design by HPD will meet and/or exceed specified performance requirements.

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Contract Precision CNC Machining for Rapid Product Development

HPD has a wide range of contract machining capabilities:

  • CNC milling with HAAS machining centers and turning with HAAS lathes – 2-axis, 3-axis and 4-axis capability.
  • Welding and brazing.
  • Specialized finishing capabilities including polishing and plating.

We have the ability to take a virtual concept to completed, well manufactured and visually attractive components and finished assemblies. Through in-house capabilities and a well-vetted network of sub-contractors, HPD has the ability to rapidly turn your product design and development vision to reality.

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Quality Assurance: Inspection & Metrology Services

Even the best designs require all parts and components to be manufactured in accordance with their appropriate specifications and tolerances. To ensure proper fit and function, at HPD all parts must pass rigorous quality control inspection. HPD utilizes both in-process inspection during the machining process and independent inspection in the metrology lab. Quality assurance is carried out with computerized metrology (CMM), optical metrology, and conventional measuring tools and gages.

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Product Research & Development Assembly/Testing

Once the machine work is completed and the HPD quality assurance process has been completed the various components need to be assembled and tested. What better organization to do so than the company who completed the design and manufacture of your system? HPD can help complete the new product development process for you by taking the process through the “last mile” to completion.

Engage HPD’s process of in-house new product research, design and development services to take your project from concept to tested completion using out state-of-the-art tools, talent and testing.

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