Our most versatile quantitative MRI (qMRI) phantom for MRI’s used in a wide range of applications

The qMRI System Phantom consists of a plastic sphere the size of a person’s head encapsulating measurement reference markers and 100 spheres with 42 containing contrast-enhancing agents. The System Phantom can be modified for application specific needs and the components are always traceable to NIST, providing an exceptional tool for quantitative standardization of MRI scanners performing a variety of diagnostic procedures.

Key Features

  • Diameter: 201 mm
  • Contrast cells, 20 mm ID spheres:
    • 14 spheres T1 spread (20ms-2s)
    • 14 spheres T2 spread (8ms–800ms)
    • 14 spheres proton density
  • True dimensional/positional accuracy of 0.1 mm on all key elements
  • Resolution insert with hole/slot arrays (hole dimensions from 1 mm down to 0.4 mm with 1.2 mm spacing)
  • Wedges for slice profiling (Two 80 mm x 8mm wedges at a 10° angle)
  • Physical and MR key to precisely determine phantom alignment
  • Physical and MR readable serial numbers
  • NIST verified T1, T2, and dimensional properties
  • Public domain 3D model, parameter spread sheet
  • Flexible design, modification, and verification protocol to allow rapid development of application specific MR phantoms

The qMRI System Phantom evaluates the following MRI characteristics:

  • B1 uniformity
  • B0 uniformity
  • Geometric linearity
  • Gradient amplitude
  • Slice profile
  • Slice positioning accuracy
  • Landmark accuracy
  • System center frequency drift (short time duration)
  • Resolution
  • SNR
  • Accuracy and precision of T1 and T2 measurements
CAD Design of the Quantitative MRI (qMRI) System Phantom; The
		qMRI System phantom is used to calibrate geometric distortion and T1,T2 and proton density with NIST verified components.
Quantitative MRI (qMRI) System Phantom as placed into detection coils of MRI scanner (Image: Slinger, Debra)
Axial and Sagittal MR images of the quantitative (qMRI) System Phantom showing a sampling of the NIST traceable components
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