HPD offers state of the art in optical bench design

The early origins of HPD include the design and development of complex optical systems for use in research on laser spectroscopy and interferometry. As such, the company offers world class capabilities for optical system engineering and development.

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The HPD staff has decades of experience in designing systems involving opto mechanics

Offering state of the art designs in opto mechanics and precision motion control, the HPD staff has completed hundreds of projects over a 20 plus year period. Incorporating kinematics and fundamental principles of optical mount design, HPD has the skills and the expertise to help you reach your objectives for instrument design and development.

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HPD offers researchers in low temperature physics a broad array of cryogenic cooling systems and design services

HPD is a world leader in the development of ADR cryostats for use in research. Many of our ADR systems are in use in experiments and cutting edge research in quantum computing, including research of transition edge sensors and SQUIDS. Further, many of our systems are in service in some of the world’s most notable research laboratory’s including NIST, Argonne National Labs, NASA Goddard, Los Alamos National Labs, Sandia National Labs, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs to name but a few. In addition HPD offers custom cryostat development services where a commercial off the shelf solution would not be effective or available.

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HPD offers ultra high vacuum chamber design and fabrication services to suit your requirements

Much of the state of the art in science research requires some form of vacuum apparatus. Whether the focus of your research is on quantum computing and low temperature science, materials science and thin film deposition, or an installation at a federal lab such as the synchrotron, your work will likely involve some form of vacuum technology. HPD offers a high level of expertise and years of experience in designing high vacuum and ultra high vacuum systems.

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HPD has a proven track record in designing and developing embedded electronic control systems

In today’s research environment electronic control systems are playing an ever increasing role as requirements for precision, repeatability and ease of use become more prevalent. HPD has electrical engineers on staff, who are ready to assist you with your electronics control systems requirements.

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HPD's expertise in optics
HPD's precision mechanics technologies
HPD is a world leader in cryogenic technologies
HPD's vacuum technology expertise
HPD's vast experience in electronics and control systems

HPD's technologies include, but are not limited to
Optics, Precision Mechanics, Cryogenics, Vacuum & UHV, Electronics

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