Voltage Measurement: JVS-650B Programmable Josephson Array Cryoprobe

The JVS-650B voltage standard cryoprobe is designed to test programmable Josephson voltage chips (PJVS), and is capable of running a variety of cryo-packages including 2.5 V, 10 V, and other programmable voltage standards requiring drive frequencies to 20 GHz and up to 32 DC lines.

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Voltage Measurement: CP-525 Josephson Array Cryoprobe

The CP-525 Cryoprobe is the interface between a Josephson array voltage chip and its microwave and bias electronics systems. The CP-525 can mount to a variety of liquid helium dewars, and contains its own level sensors and readouts. Probe length and mounting flange specifications are built to meet customer requirements. The CP-525 is now used in metrology standards laboratories all over the world, including NIST, Agilent, SIRIM, IEM, Lockheed Martin, NPL India, and others.

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Voltage Measurement: Model 98113 Low-thermal Reversing Switch

The Model 98113 Low-thermal Reversing Switch is a low cost, easy to use device that is designed to mount directly on the output terminals of most commonly used Zener DC voltage reference standards. Its design assures thermal equilibrium between the Zener reference terminals and the contacts of the switch. Its low-thermal reversing action assures that the mean value of forward and reverse measurements is the most accurate possible measurement of the Zener reference voltage.

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HPD JVS 650 B Cryo probe
HPD CP 525 Josephson Array Cryo probe
98113 Low Thermal reversing Switch

HPD cryoprobes and Voltage Standard products are designed to
mount on a multitude of common platforms and provide for
standardized data I/O configuration.

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