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Model 122 Kilimanjaro Probe Station

The Model 122 Kilimanjaro Cryogenic Probe Station offers a cryogenically robust platform for low-temperature device probing. Unlike systems whose actuators are placed at 300K, our probe station uses translation stages that are thermally anchored at 4K. This reduces sample temperature elevation due to manipulator arm heat leak.

The Model 122 Probe Station can be configured to host either individual chips or whole wafers. Other options include translations up to the full diameter of the wafer, window shutters, coaxial cables and sample magnets.


  • Cooling Type: LHe
  • Vibe Level: Ultra low
  • Base Temp: 4.2
  • Sample Size: 20 mm2
  • Maximum Probes: 4


  • Cryocooler size 1.5W Sumitomo G-M with the He-4 pot for
    <50 mK stability
  • Capacity for wires and/or cables set up for 4 high-speed
    (2.92 or SMA) per quadrant (16 total), plus 25 extra DC lines
  • Optical access, including shutters 50 mm dia. standard
    windows at 4K and 50K; ISO 63 flange window at 300k
    with 60mm clear access
  • System will scan a 20mm chip
  • Attocube positioners with 5mm travel in Z, 20mm in X & Y
  • 50K and 4K radiation shields
  • 4K volume: 10” dia. by 6.5” tall
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