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HPD offers a host of additional products spanning environmental monitoring, laser power metering, and quantitative MRI calibration.

High precision, high-quality products.


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Partnering with NOAA, HPD has developed Air Sampling systems that are used all around the world.

The Laser
Power Meter

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These water-flowing optical power meters provide traceable accuracy up to 100 kW.

Quantitative MRI

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A family of qMRI phantoms that offer unprecedented imaging information to enhance medical diagnostics.

Map showing where all of HPD’s environmental monitors are deployed. Photo credit: NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory

Environmental Monitoring

Laser Power Meter

  • The HPD Laser Power Meter

    Accurate and SI-traceable laser radiometry

Quantitative MRI (qMRI)

QalibreMD is a subsidiary company of High Precision Devices. QMD engineers and manufactures quantitative MRI (qMRI) phantoms to manifest the true power of qMRI through MRI ground truth standardization derived from values developed at NIST, UCSF, University of Minnesota, RSNA, and QIBA.

  • ADC Diffusion Phantom
  • T1/T2/PD System Phantom
  • T1/T2/PD System Phantom Lite
  • Breast Phantom
  • Prostate Phantom
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