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Solutions greater than the sum of their parts.

Complex problems are rarely solved by application of a single technology. Over the last 25 years, HPD has developed significant expertise in multiple technologies to elegantly solve your most challenging problems. In combining these tool sets, we are able to create custom solutions for your most challenging needs as well as streamline our ready-to-manufacture products.

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Precision Mechanics

We provide simple, elegant solutions to research scientists.

HPD specializes in kinematically optimized designs (greatest precision and stability for least effort or cost) involving precision linear and rotary motion (way systems, flexures, cone bearings). HPD also has expertise in developing stable mounting systems (Invar, compensated expansion, composites), and controlled motion systems (servo-controlled systems, encoder feedback).

Many HPD designed systems often include temperature control, thermoelectric coolers, and thermal analysis. These systems also require expertise in materials selection for high/low-temperature environments; magnetic sensitivity; low vapor pressure; electrical conductivity/insulation; strength/weight concerns; thermal expansion concerns; mechanical issues (lubricity, wear, stiffness, etc.). HPD also has expertise in incorporating actuators (motors, PZT’s, and voice coils) into evolving designs.


Engineering that understands magnetism.

Whether it’s incorporating magnets into your design, or shielding your experiment from magnetic influence, we can help.


Expertise in Precision Optical Path and Breadboard Layout and Design.

HPD staff has decades of experience in working with Lasers, optical component mounting, and alignment systems. We also have a solid track record of integrating optical mounting systems within larger specialized systems. Finally, HPD has the experience and the expertise to design your specialized optical path or breadboard layout for your research and/or R & D Efforts.

If your work involves precision optics and optical mounting systems, HPD has the ability to be a trusted and valued development partner.


HPD has the skill and knowledge to design and integrate sophisticated electronic control systems.

HPD has the experience and record for performance in developing electronic control systems and embedded electronic systems. Our prior work includes the development and deployment of PLC controllers, sensors, servos, feedback systems, and actuators.


Put HPD’s Decades of experience in Vacuum and UHV system and component design to work for your organization.

Our experience includes the design of specialized mechanisms that are vacuum compatible. These systems include ion optics, quadrupoles, and manipulators to name a few applications.

Beyond the design of the elements that go inside the vacuum system, HPD also has significant experience in the design and manufacture of vacuum and UHV compatible chambers. We’ll work with stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and copper.


We design and develop world-leading, low-temperature systems for use in scientific research and R&D.

Many firms produce cryostats. What sets HPD apart is our full range of off-the-shelf products paired with our in-house ability to customize the end product. Add to that our experience in super-insulation design, thermal analysis, and development of low heat-loss support systems, and also our capability to incorporate other technologies.



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