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Our Clients

Our staff has gained its expertise through extensive work with government and university laboratories, and private companies. We work within a wide array of industries, from medical to aerospace, for customers who need our expertise in the design and fabrication of precision mechanical instrumentation.


I am writing to express strong support for the continued funding of High Precision Devices (HPD) to develop a large wire count, cryogen-free dilution refrigerator (DR) cryostat. I can speak from personal experience to the unique culture of innovation and high level of technical expertise of the HPD engineers and designers. I was a postdoctoral fellow with John Martinis at NIST during the time that HPD developed their large wire count DR design, and was impressed by the skill with which HPD addressed key technical obstacles, and by the speed with which this project moved from the design phase to realization of an optimized system. Two HPD cryogenic systems—a dry ADR and a wet, large wire count DR—are the key pieces of infrastructure in my superconducting qubit laboratory at the University of Wisconsin, and these systems have operated beautifully for the past two years, more or less around the clock. I am sure that no other organization is as well positioned to deliver a cryogen-free, large wire count DR as is HPD.

Robert McDermott, Assistant Professor of Physics
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

High Precision Devices has been instrumental in the successful completion of many jobs for me. These jobs have ranged from the design and fabrication of instruments based on specifications, from build to print jobs. In all cases, HPD has diligently made an effort to deliver what was actually needed, rather than just what had been specified. Their innovations have solved a number of difficult problems for me, and their careful work has caught my errors more times than I care to admit. In the present world of face-paced development and rapid prototyping, HPD is a valuable team member to have available.

Holden Chase
Applied Optics Corp., Tucson, Arizona

The compact housing and the small, integral, high precision optical mounts we needed to build our state-of-the-art optical correlator prototype could not be assembled from off-the-shelf components. We asked High Precision Devices to help us with this because of their extensive experience and expertise in precision opto-mechanical systems. HPD brough a great deal of skill and creativity to bear in collaborating with us to solve our design problems, and in building this complex unit. Their contribution was instrumental to the success of our project, and virtually all of our customers comment on how impressed they are by the mechanical design of our prototype.

Mike O'Callaghan, Director of Research
Displaytech, Inc., Longmont, Colorado

Hypres, Inc., a state-of-the-art manufacturer of thin-film superconducting circuits, requires our vendors to provide both high quality and precision subassemblies for our products, and for our contract projects. High Precision Devices has the technical and communication skills necessary to “bridge the technologies” in the implementation of our designs. HPD has consistently provided quality design and manufacturing services from concept to finished product. Their ability to provide quality, on-time, cost effective services are a few of the reasons why we continue to rely on their expertise.

John Coughlin, Manager, Products & Foundry
Hypres, Inc., Elmsford, NY
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