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Custom Products Portfolio

For decades, High Precision Devices has been partnering with world-class scientists to solve difficult challenges. Often the result is a custom solution.  

Here are a few of the fun projects we have proudly developed.

LIGO Single Stage HAM

The Laser Inteferometer Gravity Wave Observatory (LIGO) project is an excellent example of HPD’s collaborative partnerships. 

LIGO won the Nobel Prize in Physics for its transformative findings.

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Balloon-borne telescope optical system
ALHAT Zoom Optics
Rapid zoom optics assembly for landing craft
Vibe Cryostat
Cryogenic launch-simulation test bed
XARM Dewar
Cryogenic space-flight emulation test bed
Commercial CRDS
Field-deployable, high-fidelity NOx spectrometer
NASA stratospheric observation detector cooler
Wideband Submillimeter Array
Astronomical telescope optical cryostats
Scanning SQUID Microscope
Cryogenic scanning SQUID microscope
DKIST Solar Telescope
Solar telescope optical system integration

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