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Precision Cryogenic Instruments

Choose from HPD’s cryogenic instrument models, re-configure one to your needs, or start from scratch.
Above all, HPD’s cryogenic instruments are designed for a range of scientific applications, including low-temperature detectors, superconducting devices, and quantum computing.

A family of high-quality cryogenic products.

high precision devices research cryogenic instrument


high precision devices pulse tube adr cryostat and cryogenic instrument
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HPD’s precision, cryogen-free systems are designed for a range of scientific applications. Our research cryostats provide cost-effective milliKelvin platforms for quantum computing and more…

Probe Stations

high precision devices 4k cryogenic probe station
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HPD’s probe station cryostats allows you to conveniently access and work on your cold samples on top of an optical table.

Dip Probes

high precision devices cryogenic dip probe cryogenic instrument
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HPD’s dip probes come in a wide range of high-speed signal counts, from 40 to 120 lines. Additionally, HPD’s dip probes allow for easy 4 K cooling.

research cryostats

Research Cryostats

4k probe station

Cryogenic Probe Stations

cryogenic dip probe

Cryogenic Dip Probes

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