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Precision Cryogenic Instruments

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The leader in precision cryogenics working with top-notch researchers, engineers, and scientific organizations to provide practical solutions from concept to fruition.

Go beyond cold!

high precision devices 4k cryogenic probe station

Precision Cryogenic Instruments

HPD cryogenic instruments are designed for a range of scientific applications, including quantum computing and low-temperature detectors.

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Custom Instrument

High Precision Devices takes your concepts and specifications and turns them into finished, high-quality instruments. 

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HPD offers a host of additional products spanning environmental monitoring, laser power metering, and quantitative MRI calibration.

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HPD’s Development Process


Ideate and collaborate with a partner invested in your success.


Establish robust, detailed requirements.


Engineering and analysis rooted in extensive technical experience.


Manufacture, test, and deliver your high quality instrument!

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